Monday, 3 March 2014

Causes and Treatments for Adult Acne

Adult acne is a problem that affects every one in five individuals. This acne is different from teenage acne. This problem affects more women as compared to men in age group of 25-40 years .This is an issue which cannot be taken lightly, as it may lead to unhappiness & emotional stress. However the best part is that adult acne can be treated. Let’s see the causes and treatment measures for it.

Difference between acne of adults & teenage acne

Adult acne is acne that occurs for first time after 25 years of age, this acne continues up to the menopausal phase in women. This acne looks like pus boils or red bumps and usually appears around the jaw line in women. Stress or irregular periods lead to adult acne. However teenage acne is the result of hormonal changes in the body and can be treated easily.

Causes of Adult Acne

Hormonal Imbalance – Hormonal imbalance in adults leads to acne. This is similar to teen’s acne. Irregularity in periods shows that there is hormonal imbalance in the body. This is the main cause that women are more prone to adult acne then men. This acne occurs in women when they are pregnant or menstruating

Genes – Research shows that almost 50% people with acne issues have parents with acne present.

Medicines – Drugs that contain lithium or steroids cause acne in adults. Even androgenic oral contraceptive pills or medicines like corticosteroids worsen acne. 

Stress – Stress does not directly cause acne. However, it may affect the hormones that cause acne. More stress leads to more acne.

Cosmetics – Women tend to use a lot many cosmetics that contain oil, these cosmetics block the skin pores and cause acne. In order to improve the appearance of skin, women use a lot many body lotions, moisturizers & creams. Using these products on daily basis worsens the acne. Also facials, massages and clean-ups trigger acne.

Environmental Factors – Environmental factors like pollution, secondhand smoke in industrial areas also can cause or aggravate acne.

Treatments – There are many options to treat adult acne too. Use cleansers that very gentle to your skin. Avoid use of strong cleansers that will irritate your skin. Cream Retin -A- Micro can also be used for acne treatment. It decreases the number and severity of acne pimples and promotes quick healing of pimples. Tretinoin belongs to a class of medicines called retinoids. It works by affecting the skin cells growth. Also high tech treatments like laser can be used to remove scars caused by acne.

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