Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How Your Habits Make You Lose Hair

One day you wake up to see few strands of hair on your pillow. You take a bath and see another bunch clogged in the drain. It is natural to panic in this situation because you are losing hair and don’t know why!

Most people associate hair loss as a sign of ageing. However, with the changes in lifestyle, many people start losing their hair in early 20s as well. Normally, one may lose about 100 hairs a day but this loss is refilled by a healthy scalp. On the contrary, an unhealthy scalp is not able to recover and starts to develop bald patches. 

Besides other reasons, some of our daily habits may also be responsible for hair fall such as:

Food habits

A balanced diet has been much stressed upon in almost all topics related to health. Hair is no exception to that. People who eat food with low protein and iron content are prone to hair loss. Also, crash diets and people with eating disorders may experience this too. 

Side effect of medications

Some people think taking extra medications than prescribed will cure them faster. However that is not the case, as taking higher dosage or amount of drugs can lead to side effects including hair fall. Medicines that are high in vitamins especially are not good for hair growth as excess Vitamin A reverses the growth pattern. 

Wet hair management

Women may face problems out of this than men due to longer hair, it may however affect both. When we have a bath and the hair are still wet, the strands are fragile because of the water. Combing your hair in the shower followed by towel-drying makes the fragile strands to break. Also, too hot water can dehydrate hair strands and make it difficult for them to retain essential oils. 

Choosing the wrong shampoo

Often, people tend to choose a shampoo or a hair conditioner that does not match their hair pattern and end up damaging them rather than maintaining them. Many of these cleaning agents contain chemicals meant to improve the external appearance rather than making them healthy from within. 

One should always check with an expert or a physician to see what kind of cleansing agent best suits. 

The good news is if the reason for your hair fall is due to one of these reasons, correcting the habit may help in restoring the look. Also, it is important to speak to your healthcare provider to seek alternate treatments. 

Prescription drugs such as Propecia (finasteride) may be taken if prescribed by a physician. To avoid side effects, it is essential to take it only under prescription. 

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